Austin Party Band

LC Rocks is a crowd-pleasing Austin TX party band specializing in ‘80s rock music. We play your favorite songs, originally performed by groups like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Van Halen. Our live music selections are ideal for dancing or just getting everyone into a high-spirited partying mood. A comprehensive song repertoire and dynamic interaction with our audiences have made us the preferred band for parties in Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio. Check out our song list and rock videos!

If you’re looking for an Austin party band for a company event, wedding reception, holiday celebration or private party, call for availability and booking information (512) 953-1711

private-party-band-austin-txLC Rocks has 13 years of experience playing for parties, weddings and corporate events throughout Texas and beyond. In addition to being one of the premier Austin area party bands, we play regularly at popular Central Texas nightclubs and bars. We have regular gigs at clubs like Billy’s Ice, Cedar Street Courtyard, Hanover’s, Shooters, Speakeasy and The Oasis on Lake Travis. Look over our show schedule and come enjoy our live music!

Our fans like our ‘80s rock tunes the most; but we also do popular songs by bands from the 70s and 90s — and contemporary groups. If you like the sound of Journey, Duran Duran, and AC/DC, we’re just the band to have for your party! And if you don’t see your favorite song on our playlist, we’ve probably performed that too, with our unique musical style and artistic interpretation.

Premier Austin Party Band – Also Available in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston

austin-rock-band-party-2015There’s nothing like an awesome party band to make a special event exciting and memorable Dancing and listening to the songs you and your friends love reminds everyone of the great experiences you’ve had together. Just think of all the times you’ve heard a ‘70s ballad or ‘80s rock song and were immediately transported back to a special occasion, relationship or experience.

Like you, we don’t need much of an excuse for partying. We’re ready to help you celebrate Golfer’s Day (April 10th), Hot Air Balloon Day (June 5th) or Do A Grouch A Favor Day (February 15th). And how about Wife Appreciation Day (September 20th) or Sangria Day (December 20th? [Yes, these are all real holidays.] A lot of our gigs are in the greater Austin area; but we frequently play in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. And we’re glad to travel out of state for a worthy cause (any party). Call to let us know when and where you need a great party band to rock the festivities.

LC Rocks is a full-time professional rock band, and we’re available for all kinds of events:

  • Holiday Parties – New Year’s, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Weddings – Engagement Parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties and Wedding Receptions
  • Corporate Events – Holiday Parties, Major Announcements, Shareholders Meetings
  • Private Parties – Celebrations, Retirement Parties, Family Gatherings, Birthday Parties

Best Band for Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions and Company Events

If you’re evaluating party bands for a wedding, corporate shindig or private soiree, there are several factors to consider. Obviously a retirement celebration calls for different music (Aerosmith, The Beetles, Elton John, The Ramones) than a birthday party for teenagers (Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz, Nine Inch Nails). We can tailor our playlist to suit your audience and event schedule; and of course we’ll include your personal favorite tunes.

oasis-party-band-lcrocks-2015For a corporate event party or wedding reception, we realize there are important announcements and we arrange our playlist and breaks to correspond with your agenda. We usually kick off a party with a rousing rock classic to get everyone’s blood flowing, then ease up a little for dancing and conversation. A little later we’ll build the atmosphere to a crescendo for that special announcement or tribute, and then we’ll resume with some more dance music and rockin’ party band tunes. And during the course of the event, we’ll work in some ballads and slow dance numbers to bring back more memories of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

Our goal is to create a high-energy partying atmosphere so everyone can have fun and remember your event as the best party they’ve ever attended. At most shows our band members rove through the audience to sing and dance along with the other revelers. Nobody likes to party more than we do! Check out our event schedule and join us at one of our local Austin party band performances – you’ll see how well LC Rocks.

LC Rocks – Most Versatile of the Austin Party Bands

Your upcoming party, wedding reception or company event is a unique occasion you want everyone to enjoy and remember forever. You’re going to have an amazing group of guests, a wonderful location, delicious food and refreshments. To make it perfect, hire the best of Austin’s party bands — Call LC Rocks today (512) 953-1711